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Your Music is Our Baby

Music is magical and Artists are magicians. There's something very special about creating music, it could be called sacred to some. We understand that there’s an intangible force that ties us all together through music and we have no intention of impeding that connection - we want to strengthen it through beautiful recordings, deep mixes and a relationship to our Artists and the music they make. Music has the power to change the world, and we want to change it with you.

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Our Services:


Relationships Are Our Priority

At Sentient Sound we are committed to creating an inspiring and comfortable environment for artists, musicians and producers to tap into their true musical potential. We’ve found the best way to ensure this is through strong client relations. Our clients become friends and family over the course of whatever project, and this bond morphs into many different opportunities for everyone. From live showcases and performances to livestreams and charity events, we’re always finding ways to have our clientele mold into the community that is Sentient Sound.

Hear From Our Clients:

Danny Fett

"Sentient Sound has become my go-to HOME to polish my projects to perfection."

Recording Artist

Mid-Day Moon

Indie Band

"We had an idea and the Sentient Sound team took it to another level. They're super caring and fun to work with"


Recording Artist

"We’ve built our relationship throughout several sessions, which has given us a great workflow catered for my creative process and sound."


Indie Band

“The process was very comfortable and there was a good balance between working and having a good time.”

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